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Entropic Ramblings

Where chaos is the natural order of things...

11 August 1968
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A mini-biography huh? Beats my 15 page cv! Well, I'm a displaced Queenslander lost in the wilderness of Perth. Settled here on the west coast to do a PhD in environMENTAL science. Love the natural world and am always in awe of the interactions between species and the network of life. Feel more at home surrounded by trees than being stuck in suburbia and have a connectedness to nature. Am the devoted partner of the beautiful and always inspirational Babalon_93. She really does bring order to my world when all else feels like it's spirally towards perfect entropy.

I need someone to protect me from all the measures they take in order to protect me.
altie music, australian contemporary art, australian independent cinema, babalon_93, baby babalon, banksy, baseball, botany, dirty three, ecology, environmentalism, evolutionary theory, graffiti art, half-arsed computing, iain banks, invasive species, jeffery smart, keith haring, left wing politics, marxism, natural history, neo-darwinianism, nick earls, nick hornby, public art, r.e.m., rainforests, rene magritte, socialism, the go-betweens, the smiths, theatre, tropics