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April 8th, 2006

11:26 am
Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

11 August

Neat facts (I had to include 4 as they were really cool):
1929 - Babe Ruth becomes the first baseball player to hit 500 home runs in his career with a home run at League Park in Cleveland, Ohio.
1966 - John Lennon holds a press conference in Chicago apologizing for stating that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus".
1981 - The IBM PC, an early personal computer, is introduced.
1984 - United States President Ronald Reagan, during a voice check for a radio broadcast remarks "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes".

1897 - Enid Blyton, English author
1950 - Steve Wozniak, American computer pioneer

1956 - Jackson Pollock, American artist

Coolest birth date ever!

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March 22nd, 2006

01:22 pm
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 161.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the coolest book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

"Their physical proximity in a hermaphroditic flower could greatly facilitate the evolution of animal pollination in basal angiosperms, because a visitor seeking pollen or ovules would probably come into contact with boths set of floral parts". Plant-Animal Interactions. An Evoluionary Approach (2002) (eds. C.M.Herrera & O.Pellmyr). I really need to read the whole book...

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March 18th, 2006

04:58 pm - My week in oscillation
It was a week ago when babalon_93's waters broke and labour started. I now seem to have a few minutes to reflect on the week that has been. I truly was a prisoner of oscillation this week, with such incredible highs coupled with quite a few lows mainly related to the post-birth recovery of my beloved babalon. We had planned for a home birth and things seemed to be going reasonably well. Babalon_93 was an inspiration, having regular contractions about 3 minutes apart for 24 hours (that's about 480 contractions even before we travelled to King Eddies). She almost threw the towel in but wanted to give the home birth a real go. At about 4pm last Sunday afternoon, babalon had dilated to 8cm. Around 5 hours later she still had only dilated to 8cm and the baby's head wasn't in an optimal position. So it was decided that some medical intervention would be required via an epidural and a boost of hormones. From my perspective, it was a night of contrast. You see, most of Sunday I was helping babalon with pain relief by massaging, keeping the birth pool a constant temperature and generally giving reassurance. Once in the hospital, with half a dozen medicos surrounding babalon, I was generally in the way and the only place for me was to stand in the corner and observe everything. However, by about 4am Monday morning, things had taken a step forward and I found I had a real role to play. Babalon had two midwives in attendence and me to hold her hand, reassure her and stroke her hair. The head of the baby crowned about 5:30 and within a few minutes a little blue baby was lying on babalon's chest (5:38) and a pair of scissors in my hand to cut the chord. No words can adequatley describe this moment so I will not attempt it. And then there was a little one in my arms, small and perfect. For the months prior to this moment, I was doubting my abilities as a support person and as a father. I didn't know how I would handle seeing babalon in pain. I often thought that I would end up holding a new born and thinking to myself, "Okay... now what do I do?". People had said to me, "Don't worry. You'll be great!". But as soon as that wriggling young life was in my arms, it felt like something inside of me had also awaken. I instinctively knew what to do. Lying down bare chest so the new born would have skin-to-skin contact and be comforted by the sound of my adrelalin stimulated heart pounding away.

But the joy was short lived as babalon took a turn for the worse. She lost a load of blood post-partum during the stiching phase. She ended up passing out a few hours later and losing all colour. The midwife kept a close eye on her all day and we were eventually moved up to the ward. King Eddies doesn't allow partners to stay overnight so I had to wrench myself away and head home. Babalon later called informing me that she was having a blood transfusion. Her haemoglobin levels had dropped from 96 on admission to 61 that evening. Babalon was severely aenemic and ended up having 4 units of blood over the next 24 hours. So babalon was there, a cathurta inserted into her bladder, a tube running into her arm, still attempting to nurse our new born Eleanor and still I wasn't allowed to stay to help out with moving the baby into place or anything. A midwife actually had the nerve to have a go at babalon after being called to help moving Ellie from crib to breast, saying, "I can't come everytime you want to put her moved". Nice.

Thursday evening was another highlight, being able to bring everyone home with me and get into being a family. And we're getting there. Babalon still doesn't have a lot of energy and we have been appreciating the frozen meals that Callistra has supplied to us. I have had to learn which foods are high in iron to keep babalon's levels rising. I tend to actively avoid lambs fry but last night I made a mighty tasty meal of lambs fry for the both of us. I would even consider it again very soon. I remember being young and having regular battles with my mum about eating liver to the point that I would shovel it all in my mouth, excuse myself and go and spit it out in the loo. Ahh... mum would be proud of me!

Anyway, thanks go out to everyone who has continually supported babalon and I throughout our relationship and pregnancy. It has been appreciated by all and sundry. Thanks to callistra for the macaroni and cheese dinners ("Mmmmm....cheese Grommit"), thanks to baby_elvis and _bigjobbies_ for being great company and support last Sunday and for helping us get Babalon and little ellie home. Thanks to fogod42 for the bear. I'm sure Ellie will love it! Thanks for all you messages of well wishes and admiring how adorable little Ellie is.
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

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March 17th, 2006

12:24 pm - World Baseball Classic
This is just for those of you who are interested in baseball (and you know who you are...). Mexico has jut beat Team USA to (a) knock the US out of the competition, and (b) allow Japan to progress into the semis to play against Korea. In the other semi Cuba will play the Dominican Republic. So the final will be a Asian/Latin American event! My money is on the Dominican Republic...

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10:38 am - Ellies big first night at the Hilton home...
Well, after big jobbies kindly dropped babalon_93 and baby_babalon home, it was time to get down to business of settling in. We gave baby_babalon a quick tour of the house and facilities just to let her get to know the layout and the ins and outs. Eventually the three of us made it into bed for some well deserved sleep. At about 3 in the morning, after countless squeals from baby_babalon, I said, "Jeez... she's having a restless night" to which babalon_93 replied, "No, she's having a great night". Hmmm... obviously I had missed the part about broken sleep. So, how did Ellie's first night at home pan out? Ellie and babalon sharing the big bed and the entropic one sleeping in utter chaos on the couch. But then again... I wouldn't want it any other way!
Current Mood: tiredtired

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