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March 30th, 2008

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02:20 pm - Earth Hour
You have to wonder about some peoples response to Earth Hour. We turned our power off at the said time and thought we'd have a wander up the street. But low and behold Kangaroo Point, which has a fantastic vista of the Brisbane CBD, was jammed packed with people and cars. So what I think had happened was this: most of the people at Kangaroo Point for Earth Hour had probably turned off their house lights and appliances to reduce their carbon emissions for a single night then jumped into their cars and drove to the cliffs to see the 15% of inner city buildings that weren't lit up unbeknown to the fact that their driving there probably released more carbon than if they had stayed at home with the lights burning. What also got me was the cordoned off red-carpet area for VIPs that was being supplied with power from diesel generators. Is it me or does this go against everything that Earth Hour is supposed to be about, i.e.a reduction in carbon emissions? Earlier in the day I joked with Babalon_93 that knowing Brisbane-folk, they'd have a mega fire work display including fly overs with F1-11's complete with afterburners. Ends up I wasn't too far wrong...

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Date:March 30th, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
Well, we turned off our lights... by accident it turned out as T & I went to her annual concert to see her and her mother sing as part of a show (don't know the right word for it... singing show?).

However, I am fairly sure that there was a foreshore event in Perth as well... and yes, portable diesel generators are probably the worst thing around for fuel efficiency. So, the whole evening probably made the Kangaroo point viewers 'feel' good... or more likely, as I think there was probably a few politicians there, 'look like they cared', while producing absolutely crap results.

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